Avulsed Teeth

Avulsed TeethIn this situation, the tooth falls out of your mouth. This is an emergency and urgent attention is necessary. You must report this to your dentist immediately. However, before you do that, you should try to keep the tooth moist. The chance of saving the tooth greatly reduces as the tooth dries out. Carefully pick up the tooth by the crown and make sure you do not touch the root. You can also rinse the tooth in plain water if it is dirty. Make sure you do not apply any soap or detergent when cleaning the tooth. If possible, reinsert the tooth into its socket, however, if this is not possible, put it in a glass of milk or slightly salty water and take it to the dentist. If these are not available, put the tooth inside your mouth, between the gum and the cheek to keep it moist. Then go to your dentist at once.

When you get to your dentist's office, the dentist will examine the tooth to know the best approach for its treatment. If you have put the tooth back into its socket, the dentist may use a splint to immobilize the tooth and check your face for injuries. However, if you have not inserted the tooth back in its socket, the dentist will first examine the tooth to find out if it is still good for restoration. If it is still in good condition, the dentist will carefully clean the tooth and gently put it back into its socket. For support, the dentist will use a splint to immobilize the tooth throughout the healing period.

Avulsed TeethThe way you handled the tooth prior to coming to the dentist will determine the type of treatment you will get. Root canal treatment may be necessary depending on the level of root development. The root canal treatment entails stabilizing the tooth with calcium hydroxide medication. Much later, your dentist will have to complete the procedure with a permanent filling to the root canal. In addition, make sure you see your doctor to determine if you need tetanus injection.

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