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Financial Policy

For payment, we accept personal checks, money orders, all the conventional credit cards and cash. We’re also in partnership with CareCredit Card to assist patients who need to structure their payments over a longer period…as long as 12 months. This is interest-free.

Dental Insurance

Dentkos Endodontics accepts most insurance policies because of extensive partnership agreements. We will assist with filling and submitting your insurance claims, which we do electronically for fast settlement. We seek maximum cooperation with your insurance company in order to secure the maximum possible reimbursement for you and a prompt payment of your claim. As soon as we receive payment for your claim, we will send you a statement detailing the outstanding balance.

Once the insurance payment has gone through, you will receive a statement for any unpaid patient balance exceeding your deposit. The deposit you made at the time of service is only an estimate. The final billing/refund emerges when your insurance company has processed your insurance claim.

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