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First Time Visit

During your first visit to our office, we will carry out certain tests and consultations in order to gain more insight on the nature of your problem, and the best way to handle it. These tests are usually X-ray-based. However, if you were experiencing severe pain, we would treat your case as an emergency and do our best to ease your pain. Following your visit, we will book you for followup appointments.

Kindly provide us with the below information during your first visit consultation:

  • The names of all drugs you are currently taking
  • All available X-ray records
  • Your referral note

Also, provide us with your insurance card if available. You can alternatively give us the phone number, group name, and subscriber number in the absence of your insurance card. These are the details needed to ensure speedy processing of your insurance claim.

NOTE: All patients below 18 years of age are required to arrive with a parent/guardian for this visit.

If you have any other health condition for which you are currently taking medication, it is important to let us know. These conditions and drugs include high blood pressure, diabetes, rheumatic fever, aspirin, heart drugs etc.


We request that you send the X-ray results of tests done by your physician, if any. These X-rays form a vital part in giving you a proper diagnosis. You can also send these results to our email address if you used digital radiography for the X-ray. We can then produce any number of copies as needed.

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